Electrical Panel Replacement and Upgrades in Woodbury CT

Electrical Panel Replacements and Upgrades in Woodbury, Connecticut

As soon as electricity was discovered, technological advances continued as well. Today is seems that technology is advancing at a faster rate without us even knowing or wanting it. This can lead to hazardous situtions if we dont realize what is updating on its own and what isn’t. Electrical systems are ones that should be regularly inspected and upgraded. If not properly maintained or updated, they can cause hazards to the home or business. Old fuse boxes can cause this damage by tripping or surging and possibly causing fires. To prevent this and learn more about your electrical systems and any possible updates in the Woodbury, Connecticut area, contact us at Ferrer Electric

Updating Electrical Panels for Safety

Electrical systems have gone through many technological changes and have seen years of bad habits and overuse. If appliences and extension chords are plugged in for too long with no use, or are malfunctioning, it may be time for an update. These are some of the main causes and safety concerns on your home is unattended and overused appliences. Sparks, short-circuits, and even fires can form. Updating to electrical panels from older fuse boxes can help your home function better and be a safer place.

Do I Have a Fuse Box or a Electric Panel

Electrical Panels are the new and ever more efficient and popular electrical systems in the home. Fuse boxes are old and outdated and can cause a lot of possible damage to your home and appliences. If you are looking for a general electrical service or upgrade, look to Ferrer Electric to install an upgraded Electrical Panel.

Professional Electrical Contractor Services

The process of finding a reliable and efficient electrician can be harder and more tedious than the actual electrical service. That’s why here at Ferrer Electric, we pride ourselves with consistent professionalism and communication throughout the entire process. With over 25 years servicing in the Woodbury, Connecticut area, we are rated one of the top electrician companies. We are committed to serving the area with high and diverse levels of electrical service. No matter the type of electrical issue, Ferrer Electric is here to help.

Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

There are a never-ending list of benefits to updating your electrical system. The largest reason is for replacing old and oudated fuse boxes that can cause harm to the building or its occupants. Fuse boxes can easily fry out appliences, sockets, and extension cords, cause damage to items and the home itself. It only becomes more hazardous with time. Updating to an electrical panel will not only help your home but it will increase the value of your home. Potential buyers will see your new upgrades electrically and will be a lot happier and feel a lot safer in this home. 

Updating to an electric panel can also save you money. Updating from a fuse box to an electrica panel will have you home and system running a lot more efficiently. Your electric bill will go down, and your whole home will run better and safer. Homeowners insurance can also go down if replaced to electric panels. They see it as a safety precaustion and you will be rewarded annually on your insurance bill. You can also qualify for other discounts and rebates from your electric company.

Your appliences will last longer as well if you switch over to an electric panel system. Fuse boxes overheat, and cause damage to chords, outlets and appliences. This can cause more money to replace them than it would to upgrade your electric system. You won’t have to worry again about breakes and fuses blowing and causing possible and hazardous damage. Ferrer Electric and upgrade your electric panels for you and provide all these amazing benefits to your home!

How to Contact Us

Ferrer Electric is ready to update, service, or maintain your general or specific electrical needs. Our expert service and experience combined with professional and quality care is perfect for your homes and businesses alike. Call us to book an appointment at (203) 745-2478 or (203) 745-2478, and email us at, We are dedicated to providing professional and quality electrical care, upgrades and more to the areas of Newtown CT, Watertown CT, Woodbury CT, Oxford CT, and Southbury CT. 

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