Electrical Panel Replacement Professionals in Southbury CT

Electrical Panel Replacements and Upgrades in Southbury CT

The best time to update your electrical systems is more often than you think. So many homes still run very outdated and hazardous systems. The problem is, many people dont realize it. Here at Ferrer Electrics, we are the ones you call for all your electrical needs in Southbury, Connecticut. Outdated fuse boxes are a big hazard to you home because they run poorly throughout your entire home. If your electrical systems are not updated or replaced, they can cause a lot of issues. Electrical panels are the best thing to replace them with. These newer systems are great for keeping your home operating amazing.

Safety and Panel Upgrades: What You Need to Know.

Electrical systems in the home need to operate correctly for all appliences and electronics to work together and safely. But what happens when its the entire electrical system that is failing? It’s time for an upgrade. Electrical panels will help save your electrical system from breaking appliences, surging outlets, burning extension cords, and even causing fires. Upgrading to these panels will keep all your family, employees, belongings, and buildings safe from the hazards that outdated fuse boxes can bring.

Electrical Panels: Why You Should Update Your Fuse Box

Fuse boxes are being outed more and more because of the many safety risks they run and the lack of effciency they provide. Fuse boxes continuously trip wires, and break fuses causing more damage to homes and appliences. Electrical systems are seeing an influx of electric panel upgrades to them. They don’t pose any of the risk fuse boxes do, are more efficient and affordable over all, and all better for your home. If you think you need an update to your electric system, contact us at Ferrer Electric.

Ferrer Electric Is the Professional Electrician for You!

Trying to find the perfect electrician? Look no further! Ferrer Electric, located in Southbury, Connecticut are the electrical contractors for you! When it is time to finally update that outdated electrical system, call us to install your electric panel replacements. We are committed to achieving every goal our clients set for us with professionalism and ease. We work with high-quality equipment on a highly skilled team to get the job done. For over 25 years we have worked on the smallest of wire repairs, to the largest of complete system installs. We’ve see and experienced it all, so make sure to give us a call.

Top Reasons to Switch to an Electrical Panel

The benefits are endless when it comes to upgrading your systems. Electrical panels are the most advanced versions of them and are super important to keeping your home operating smoothly. Fuse boxes are outdated and can’t keep up with modern appliences or just the sheer number of them. Fuse boxes can fry appliences and cords, can surge outlets and cause fires. They are very hazardous to you and your home.

If you are in the process of trying to sell you home, a fuse boxe will be a sure fire way to have people not buy it. They don’t want outdated systems that they will have to replace. By updating your system to electric panels, you house will run better, and be more appealing to possible buyers.

Upgrading to electric panels can also save you money. Outdated fuse boxes do not run efficiently, and can cause a lot of possible damage to your home. Replacing fuse boxes to electric panels can help your electric bill go down, create more efficiency, and lower your homeowner’s insurance. That bill will also go down and you can quality for rebates, discounts and other things from your insurance company and electric company.

Switching over to electric panels will also save your appliences. They will no longer be fried and destroyed by fuse boxes surging and scorching extension cords and outlets. Electric panels don’t require you to switch breakers when fuses blow, and possibly damagint the system and electronics. This can save your appliences and add years to their operating life.

Updating Your Electrical System: How to Contact

Ferrer Electric will provide you with all the electrical care you, your home, and buildings need. No matter the size, we can install an amazing and effcient electrical panel system. Call us to book an appointment at (203) 745-2478 or (203) 745-2478, and email us at, We are dedicated to providing professional and quality electrical care, upgrades and more to the areas of Newtown CT, Watertown CT, Woodbury CT, Oxford CT, and Southbury CT. 

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