Electrical Panel Replacement Professionals in Watertown CT

Watertown CT Electrical Panel Replacement and Upgrade Professionals

Technology is always changing and adapting around us. All things electrical seem to be updating on their own without any need for human interference. However, this can lead to future hazardous situations. If not inspected, replaced or upgraded, electrical panels are one piece of technology that can become dangerous. Older and unmaintained panels can lose certain timing and power functions, that can lead to wire tripping and overheating which can lead to fires and other life-threatening situations. 

Electrical Panel Upgrades to Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Our home’s electrical systems see a lot of overuse that we may not realize we are doing. Items plugged in for too long without use, malfunctioning appliances or even lights and electronics flickering. Your breaker can overheat and cause damage to your home and appliances if they are plugged in for too long. Extension cords are one of the main causes of these electrical malfunctions and even fires can spark from them if overheated. Upgrading your panels that are outdated and have overheated will help save your home and electrical items from breaking or being destroyed.

Fuses Boxes vs. Breaker Panel

Fuse Boxes are becoming more and more obsolete. They trip out in overloads and completely reset electrical systems that could take hours to reset. Circuit breakers are a much more efficient system and can be implemented easily in the place of old and outdated fuse boxes. In an electrical system upgrade, this may be the best time to add a breaker panel to help save your appliances and homes from any possible damage. 

Hiring an Experienced and Professional Electrician to Install Your Upgraded Panel

When it’s time for that electrical panel upgrade, make sure to choose a reliable and legitimate company. Ferrer Electric has been serving Southbury, Connecticut area for over 25 years. Rated as one of the top electricians in the area, we are committed to our amazing reputation for providing high-quality electrical services. Whether its a blown fuse, flickering light or bulb, tripping or sparking outlets or complete panel upgrades, we promise to provide affordable, professional and amazing services for all your electrical needs. Finding a high-quality electrician can be difficult, so make sure to choose Ferrer Electric. 

Reasons to Upgrade Electrical Panel

There are so many beneficial reasons for upgrading your electrical panel system. The main reason is to replace those outdated fuse boxes. They can fry outlets, extension cords, and appliances. They can cause lights to flicker and can be even more hazardous to the home. If you are trying to sell your home, many buyers may be turned away from seeing a fuse box in the home. Upgrading to an electrical panel will show the beneficial upgrades to your home to potential buyers. This can even add value to your home. So make to switch and upgrade to your electrical panel with the help of Ferrer Electric.

Electrical Panel upgrades can also save you money in place of a fuse box. New panels run more efficiently than older outdated fuse boxes. This can help your electric bill costs go down. Replacing electrical panels can also reduce the cost of homeowner’s insurance. Your home will become safer when you switch from a fuse box, and your annual homeowner’s bill can qualify for a discount. You can also receive other discounts and rebates from your local electric providing company. 

Another great reason to switch over to an electrical panel is to have the ability to add more appliances to the home. Fuse boxes can overheat and surge out extension cords and appliances. With an electrical panel, you will never need to worry about tripping fuse breakers or blowing fuses. Upgraded electrical panels can also prevent more constant and recurring power and electrical surges the fuse boxes cannot. This can add more operating years to your electrical devices. 

So no matter the reasoning now is the time to switch from your current fuse box to your upgraded and efficient electrical panel. 

Contacting Us to Upgrade Your Electrical System.

Ferrer Electric is here to update and provide all your electrical care needs. We provide expert care to your home in upgrading it from an outdated fused box to an electrical panel. Call us to book an appointment at (203) 745-2478 or (203) 745-2478, and email us at, We are dedicated to providing professional and quality electrical care, upgrades and more to the areas of Newtown CT, Watertown CT, Woodbury CT, Oxford CT, and Southbury CT. 

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