Professional Electrical Wiring Contractors in and Around Newtown CT

We work with you one on one to know exactly what you are looking to accomplish, and we identify your needs in order to provide you with the best service possible. Projects ranging from indoor & residential to commercial & outdoor leave a wide variety of what can be accomplished. Our attention to detail allows us to meet your needs and satisfy your goals without compromising the safety of your home. You will even understand your residence or business better! Outdated electric service panels and aluminum wiring are damaging for appliances built today. Choosing the right electrical contractor in Woodbury CT is easy, give us a call first.


In Newtown CT, residence have been choosing us over the years because we are the ones to trust when it comes to installing power outlets, ceiling fans, and lighting. We also perform electrical panel upgrades to keep your home safe and ready for new appliances. Our team will deliver on results, whether it be brand new equipment or updating the older ones. In today’s world, you require electricity to run most of your home, so you’ll want your home ready to handle the new technology coming. Whether the set-up is new or you just need an update, our team has the dependability and the experience to deliver amazing results and you’ll be satisfied with each project. We guarantee you will have the confidence once again in your home!

Ferrer’s Electric works as a reliable team to provide services for wiring, ceiling fan installations, lighting & power outlets, as well as service panel upgrades to Newtown CT and the surrounding areas. We are the choice electrical contractor for residential and commercial work. Repairs made on your own without the aid of a trained professional is dangerous. Without proper equipment or training, serious situations can occur and can be harmful to you and even your family. Your safety is our priority, which is why our contractors are licensed, trained and insured. We have a great reputation for customer satisfaction and service, which sets us apart. Our customers know exactly who to call when they need an electrician.

Ceiling fan installs, outlet installations, lighting repairs and other projects that need wiring become a large out of pocket expense when done incorrectly. Many home projects that look simple can become difficult to clean up if things go awry. Our qualified professionals can save you, so contact us first. It is very important to complete your project safely, even as a homeowner. We are able to make sure you home is capable of handling the new installation as well as deliver great customer service. Give us a quick call for your electrical wiring needs.

We work with you directly to understand your needs and what you are looking to accomplish. This helps us to assist you with the most dedicated service possible.


Larger projects for businesses and commercial areas require a contractor that they can trust for their electrical work. Being unable to deliver to your own customers can be costly. We are an effective and efficient solution for your electrical wiring projects and installations. An ineffective solution means a large loss for your business. Our team is well equipped and ready to provide with results. We are excited to partner with you and look forward to providing you with a lasting relationship, great support and satisfaction.

If you are ready for your project to get underway and need to know that you are equipped to handle the installation, contact us. We are the answer to your wiring needs. Your home and business needs a safe and reliable solution.

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