Signs That Indicate Your Home Needs an Electrical Systems Expert

  • Lights that flicker or blink.A light bulb that’s not screwed tightly into a socket will flicker or blink because of bad contact. The same thing will happen when there’s a bad connection in an electrical circuit.
  • Light bulbs that pop or have a bright or dull illumination.If you notice that some lights in your home burn unusually bright while others are dimmer than they should be, or even pop, there’s an evident electrical problem.
  • Outlets that spark, buzz or crack, or won’t hold a cord end.An occasional spark is normal when you plug into an outlet because of the sudden draw on the electric supply. If an outlet sparks every time you use it, that is a clear indicator of a problem. It needs to be replaced. The same goes for noisy outlets. Electrical outlets that don’t hold cord ends ( or plugs ) securely—IE “they can be wiggled, they droop, or completely slide back out” — need to be replaced.
  • Electrical outlets that don’t work..As long as the circuit isn’t blown or the breaker hasn’t tripped, an outlet should work. If not, there’s probably a loose or broken wire, or another cause that has broken the electrical connection.
  • Constant blown fuses or tripped breakersDrawing too much power on a circuit will cause fuses in a panel box to blow. Nuisance tripping is referred to breakers to trip frequently. This commonly happens when too many things are plugged into the same electrical outlet or outlets shared in a circuit. Overloaded circuits create dangerous conditions and are a fire hazards. (NOTE) There can also be additional safety concerns related to breakers that constantly trip. Don’t leave any of these symptoms untreated! They can cause thousands in repairs later on, or even worse; someone’s life.