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You may head home after a tough day at work and realize that you need to find a public charging station before you can call it a night. Not only is this an inconvenience, but you may spend hours alone at a charging station that you could spend relaxing with your family. 

We offer expert EV charger installation in Southbury so you can spend more time at home without worrying you won’t have enough battery for tomorrow’s needs. Being able to charge your EV at home provides increased safety, savings, and convenience that public stations can’t compete with.

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What are the Benefits of Having a EV Charger at Home 

There may be a few reasons you’re interested in at-home charging. Our experts can help you decide which charging level works best for your home’s current electrical system while providing fast charging capabilities. Here are a few advantages of an at-home charging station:

  • Cost efficiency: Public stations need to make a profit, so you will always pay more at a public station than at home. This also allows you to charge your car during cheaper electrical periods such as overnight or on weekends. The higher upfront cost quickly pays for itself with the money you save by installing at-home EV chargers in Southbury.
  • Better battery health: Public stations want to serve as many customers as possible, so they may charge your battery too fast, raising its temperature and causing long-lasting damage. At-home charging can extend your battery life with charging that keeps your battery temperatures low.
  • Convenience & Safety: Don’t drive around on a low battery looking for a public station when you can go home and watch TV or sleep while your car is charging. Charging at home is safer than a public station where your car is protected from theft or weather damage.
  • “If you have an electrical project of any size I would highly recommend Pete and his team. Communication the most important aspect to any project and Pete is ontop of his game. He is very responsive to emails and phone calls and let me know every step along”

    - Joe V.

FAQs About At-Home Chargers

An at-home charger may seem like a significant upfront cost to your home, so it’s natural for you to have questions. 

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about at-home chargers:

What level of charging is suitable for my home?

Typically, level 2 chargers are used at home because we can usually install them without needing to upgrade your electrical panel. This replenishes 12-80 miles an hour and needs its own circuit. Our Ferrer’s Electric LLC team is happy to provide a free estimate and talk more about what charger works best for your vehicle and home.

When is the best time to charge?

The best time to charge may be different depending on your area. However, midnight to 3 a.m. is when electricity tends to be the cheapest. Many chargers come with a timer, so you can set it for midnight and have more than enough charge for your commute the next day, depending on your level charger.

Do I need to charge my EV every night?

It depends on the capacity of your battery and how many miles you typically use on your daily commute. The average EV range is about 200 miles, and if your daily commute is less than half of your car’s capacity, you probably don’t need to charge it every night.

At Ferrer’s Electric LLC, we take pride in our craftsmanship with ten years of experience serving thousands of customers with dependable EV chargers in Southbury. No job is too small when you need expert electrical solutions.

Don’t spend any more time at public charging stations! Schedule your free estimate by calling us at (203) 745-2478 or filling out our online contact form.

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