Generators in Southbury

Stay in Control During Woodbury’s Emergencies

When severe weather strikes, it’s essential that you’re in control of your safety. Being prepared with a generator can keep you comfortable during the unbearable hot summers or frigid winters. Your business may lose potential customers, or recently bought food may go bad if you’re without power for days. 

Are Generators Worthwhile?

Whether a generator is a worthwhile investment depends on each person. A generator allows you to stay in contact with your employees and customers and protect food or family members who need medical devices. You can’t control the weather, but you can be prepared for it.

Don’t wait for severe weather to realize you need generators in Southbury! Contact Ferrer's Electric LLC today at (203) 745-2478 for a free estimate.

Why Use Standby Generators?

Standby generators turn on as soon as you lose power, so there are only a few moments where you’re without electricity. These are bigger, so they can power your entire home or business with your typical power draws.

 However, they can be expensive and use propane or natural gas that may be hard to get in long-lasting emergencies. Backup systems like this reduce the strain on the grid, so your power may be returned sooner rather than later. 

Unforeseen power outages can hurt your business by damaging expensive equipment, and you may lose important data about orders or clientele. At home, you may notice a power surge that damages appliances and devices or lose weeks of food you only recently bought. 

Unlike portable generators, standby systems have:

  • A quiet operation
  • Produce more power
  • Start automatically so you can focus on more important things during an emergency

However, their high initial cost may be unnecessary for a smaller home with fewer energy needs. We’ve completed thousands of jobs, so our craftsmanship is always reliable and strong when you need it the most. Trust Ferrer’s Electric LLC for expert generators in Southbury for solutions that meet your needs.

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  • “If you have an electrical project of any size I would highly recommend Pete and his team. Communication the most important aspect to any project and Pete is ontop of his game. He is very responsive to emails and phone calls and let me know every step along”

    - Joe V.

Benefits of a Portable Generator

If you’re only interested in powering the most important aspects of your home, like a refrigerator, a few lights, or an electric stove, a portable system, may work better for your home. 

Advantages of portable generators include:

  • Frequently gas-powered
  • Cost-effective
  • Can be moved for different uses
  • Easy to store
  • Doesn’t create an eye sore in your backyard

Portable generators can be noisier and require a manual start, unlike their standby counterparts, but they’re significantly more cost-effective. They also use gas, a staple that may be easier to find during an emergency. It’s much better to be prepared than stuck without power during severe weather, but outside of emergencies, portable generators can be moved and used for camping, holiday displays, and tailgating. 

These systems are also smaller and usually have built-in wheels for easy storage that doesn’t create a potential unsightly large generator in your backyard like with standby units.

We'll Help You Pick the Best Option!

No matter what kind of unit you choose for your home or business’ backup system, Ferrer’s Electric LLC is here to help install it with expert generators in Southbury. We want you to control what you can during an emergency, and a successful backup energy system is the first step in being prepared. Our team has ten years of experience helping our community be prepared for anything with dependable electrical services that you can trust. 

Don’t delay when you can be prepared today! We are here to help. Call (203) 745-2478 or contact here when you are ready to schedule an appointment.

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