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Your electrical panel is responsible for dispersing power throughout your home and can disrupt your daily routine when it goes out of service. No job is too small at Ferrer’s Electric LLC, and safety is our number one priority. Don’t put yourself and your home at risk with DIY repairs when our dependable, licensed technicians can provide fast solutions. 

We’ve served thousands of homes with expert electrical subpanels and panels in Southbury to install EV chargers or provide electricity to a mother-in-law’s cottage. No matter why you may need an upgrade, we’re here for you with reliable service.

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When Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

As a homeowner, you want your home to be safe for yourself and your family. However, it can be challenging to determine when to upgrade your electrical panel, especially if you haven’t had recent repairs. 

Consider an upgrade if:

  • Your panel is 25+ years old
  • Lights dim when using appliances
  • The panel is warm to the touch
  • You’re using multiple extension cords

Your electrical system is complex and dangerous to untrained people, but it may be hard to tell exactly what’s going on behind your walls. In homes built 25 years ago or more, your panel is outdated and not up to today’s new safety regulations. 

Older homes also tend to have fewer outlets than necessary for our abundant use of technology. If you use multiple extension cords around your home, you could be overloading the circuits. 

This will cause lights to dim when you use appliances as your aging circuits cannot handle the amount of electricity required to run both the appliance and the lights. If your panel is warm to the touch or you smell burning, wires may be damaged or exposed and could start a fire. 

Don’t put your home at risk when you can trust Ferrer’s Electric LLC for reliable electrical subpanels and panels in Southbury.

  • “If you have an electrical project of any size I would highly recommend Pete and his team. Communication the most important aspect to any project and Pete is ontop of his game. He is very responsive to emails and phone calls and let me know every step along”

    - Joe V.

When to Use an Electrical Subpanel

A subpanel is the smaller version of your home’s main service panel that can be used in areas of your home that draw significant amounts of power or are separated from the house. 

This usually includes garages or sheds where you may be using power tools or an electric vehicle charger that takes a lot of energy. This is also common for accessory dwelling units (ADUs) or mother-in-law cottages that you rent so that you can charge electrical to your renter.

What Are the Advantages of Subpanels?

Subpanels come with a few different advantages. If you have a workshop in your garage or shed and trip a circuit breaker, you can easily reset them from your garage instead of tracking dirt inside your home so you can finish your project. 

During a new construction build, it can also save money for areas like ADUs, so less wire and time is required to provide energy to these spaces. Another reason to shorten the distance between wire runs is energy efficiency. Over long distances, voltage drops, so a smaller distance allows you to save money and reduce power loss.

Your electrical subpanels and panels in Southbury are essential to the most basic functionality of your home. Don’t let your daily routine become disrupted by outdated wiring or long wire runs that cost you energy and money.

Trust our professionals today for expert electrical solutions. Schedule your free estimate by calling us at (203) 745-2478 or filling out our online contact form.


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